The Paediatrics department is a state of the art unit functioning in south Delhi. We treat from premature child till the age of 14 years, from poor to rich and from not so sick to very sick pediatrics patients.

While we ensure safe delivery to deliver healthy baby to healthy mother, sometimes complications arise that require a specialist and a special unit for your newborn. Our hospital has 4 beds advanced NICU designed to provide care to high risk babies eg prematurity, growth retardation, respiratory distress, congenital malformalities, blue baby, bleeding baby under the care of specialist, specially trained nurses 24/7 imaging studies, pharmacy and pathology lab.

After discharge recovered NICU patients are being followed up in paediatrics OPD to ensure optimum growth and development, we also run early intervention programs.

IMMUNIZATION according to the national schedule plus other newer optional vaccines.

Follow up clinic:
After you take your child home our paediatricians provide continuing care, as our goal is to keep you and your baby strong and healthy.