The first general anesthesia was given a hundred and fifty years ago. This is one of the youngest specialties of medicine now diversified into newer branches like intensive care, pain relief. Emergency medical management, pediatric anesthesia, & others.

The major responsibilities (functions) of this department are:

  • Assessment of, consultation for, and preparation of patients for anaesthesia and surgery.
  • Relief and prevention of pain during and following surgical, therapeutic, and diagnostic procedures.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of normal physiology during the preoperative period and critically ill patients.
  • Diagnosis and treating painful syndromes
  • Clinical management and teaching of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.
  • Evaluating respiratory function and applying respiratory therapy.
  • Involvement in administration and participation in various activities of the hospital in terms of infection control, blood conservation, cost containment, cardiopulmonary resuscitation/training etc