Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Our medical faculties of leading gynecologists are supported by modern facilities, enabling them to provide quality medical care. A wide range of gynecological procedures are conducted, most of which are laparoscopic, allowing faster patient recovery and discharge

The medical care at Jeewan Hospital and Nursing Home 2 is inspired by a core belief that a woman is a very special person, in body and mind, and that the best healthcare for her emerges from a deep understanding of her physiology, emotions, aspirations and anxieties. We aim to be her health comfort zone.

Appropriately, medical care at our facility spans Obstetrics, Gynecology ,Neonatology, General Surgery, and Cosmetic Surgery & Breast Surgery.
We also have tie-ups with leading Indian third party administrators.
Services provided

The practice of  obstetrics has linked us to many families over the years and we provide the latest  facilities for fetal monitoring as well as a closely monitored mother, facilities for painless labour, emergency ceasarean section if the need arises, pediatric cover round the clock  is available. Also there is a booking procedure for regular antenatal visits to pick up high risk cases, information for the would be mother,to provide knowledge and allay fears. The patients are guided throughout  pregnancy and after delivery also for the type of food, exercise and other beneficial practices.

Out patient procedures like,cryosurgery,cancer screening ,CERVICAL CANCER VACCINATION

day care procedures such as office hysteroscopy,tuballigation,laprascopy .

Screening programmes for gynecology and cancer prevention

specialised surgeries such as re-constructive genital tract surgeries and endoscopic surgeries like hysteroscopic rescetion of uterine septum and myomas, hysteroscopic intrauterine adheiolysis, laproscopic sugeries, myomectomy, hysterectomy, adhesiolysis, surgery for gynaec malignancies.

This section is equipped with some advanced equipment such as: resectoscope microscope and loupe for tubal microsurgery