Is my mediclaim policy accepted at your hospital ?
Jeewan Hospital and Nursing Home 2 is empanelled with registered with Safeway TPA, TTK, Mediasist, Paramount, Raksha, Alankit TPA and many more for cashless service policies.
What is the mode of payment acceptable?
Cash and Demand Drafts.
Can we buy medicines from outside?
NO, Jeewan Hospital and Nursing Home runs a 24-hour pharmacy shop.
Can the room be retained if the patient is shifted to ICU ?
Patients admitted in rooms may be allowed to retain their allotted room while they are transferred to the Intensive Care Unit provided the charges are paid in advance. Only one relative can use the room for the stay. Please note that room retention is allowed subject to availability and only for the duration that patient is admitted in the ICU. Patient's relatives should be prepared to vacate the room.
How are the bed charges calculated ?
Bed charges are calculated as per the type of accommodation opted by the patient. Discharge time is considered as 12.00 pm if the patient's discharge orders are received for final billing before 12 pm room charges for the last day will not be charged. If the patient's discharge orders are received for final billing after 12 pm the patient will be charged for the day.
How do I get my discharge?
Once approved by the consultant, the nurse carries out the necessary billing procedures and medicine procurements. Once patient settles all the bills, resident doctor under the guidance of the treating consultant fills in the discharge card and gives discharge instructions to the patients.
What are the visiting hours ?
Mon to Sat 4.00 pm to 6 pm.
How Do I get Cashless facility? Do I have to pay expenses in case of rejection of the claim by TPA
• Just inform our TPA Desk regarding the same and they will peruse your case with your TPA
• If Rejection is received in any of your case you are liable to pay hospital expenses.
How do I make an appointment for consultation ?
Our Customer Care executives are available on 011-26349821 /26343271, will help you to fix an appointment.
How should one reserve a bed ?
To reserve a bed you can contact the admission counter at on 011-26349821 /26343271 By paying a deposit of Rs 5000/- at the admission counter a bed can be reserved.
How should one reserve an operation theatre ?
To reserve a bed, you can contact the admission counter at on 011-26349821 /26343271. By paying a deposit of Rs 3,000/- at the admission counter OT reservation can be confirmed.
Do you have emergency charges and when are they applicable ?
YES, Emergency charges are applicable for night visits and special day visits. All operations conducted after 7 pm are charged 1.5 times the routine charges.
What are the formalities for foreign nationals ?
Patients are admitted only in rooms, all foreign patients have to submit their passport at the admission counter. They would get their passport only after the discharge.
What is the deposit for operation / medical admission in your hospital ?
Rs. 5000/- for reserving a bed and Rs 3000 for reserving the operation theatre.
What is the provision for food ?
The canteen is located on the ground floor and offers snacks and beverages.
Where will I get my balance investigation reports done during admission ?
All the investigation reports will be available with the respective nursing station of each floor.
Is TV facility available for the patients in the hospital ?
YES, TV facility is available in rooms.